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No Measure

Wonderful Dean- Thank you

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A Little Darkness

A Little Darkness

Beautifully penned


Some say
it’s a darkness—
but I say the light
is a little better
and little softer
as it comes in filtered
through the gauzy pinprick
of an alcoholic beverage—
when your focus is a red laser
that keeps skipping around—
which is the reason
you can’t drive – because
there’s only the steering wheel,
or only the gas,
or only the touchy brakes—
and you can’t possibly
work them all at the same time
when your eyes
just want to close
and feel the fluffy air
spinning around you
like pink cotton candy
at the state fair – so soft
that all you want to do
is write another poem
about love –
which is so often
just another word
for darkness.

DeMaris Gaunt

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The Mythologies Of Love

The Mythologies Of Love Review by Resa

Graffiti Lux and Murals

How dreamy, I thought, Dean wrote a book of love poems!


“Love”, it’s so beautiful…

IMG_0038 Artist: Jarus

..Well, yes! However, perhaps not exactly as I had envisioned.

TMOL #20 Photo © Norman Orenstiein

Nonetheless, passion is very evident in these poems. It’s especially noted when I feel distance from the sexuality of love, but want to feel close to it.

TMOL #21 Photo © Norman Orenstiein

Dean doesn’t squander the “love ” word. Yet, I feel puppy dog love eyes.


Dean is the dark horse running with lighter, brighter angels. His view, as always, remains true to his perceptions.

Artists: Mandy Van Lueewen & Artists: Mandy van Leeuwen, Jennifer Johnson

Sometimes I understood I was reading  in a special language. “Evol Fo Seigolohtem”


I have a fave poem in this book. “Poem For Ann Marie” & I must mention my second fave “The Market Place”. I won’t tell you why because I really think you should just read them…

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The Eschatological Dog

Resa’s Glam Reviews

Graffiti Lux and Murals

Delightful? A few poems are. Poignant they all remain, & dog me.


With his one-of-a-kind poetry style, Dean trains his unique eye on theend of theworld, or of humankind,death,thedestiny of humanity,theSecondComing &Judgment.

Artist: Crisp Artist: Crisp

There is no escape like reading! What about reading about what one may never escape from? Dean’s words took me into that darkening day. He used the color of meaning to paint the way.


Yet, I never felt like running from it. I wanted to remain, to hear what the poet, writer, musician had to say about the decay, and mores.

Artist: Richard Manoakeesick Artist: Richard Manoakeesick

Dean’s words string true, even if they bite you. Might as well face the music he presents, it feels healthy.


EDog #2

Dog is God backwards, but I have a feeling Dean knew this when tempting us with his title.

Artist: Unknown to me at this moment - from Toronto's Queen W. Graffiti Alley Artist: Unknown to me…

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Your hand
Held hers
But your eyes
For mine
Sleight of hand
Shifting focus
You a player
With a pocket
Full of hearts
A romantic magician
With a 52 card deck
Full of trick plays
And when you called
For my final bet
I went all in
Losing everything
You turned my heart
Into a spade

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