The Mythologies Of Love

The Mythologies Of Love Review by Resa

Graffiti Lux and Murals

How dreamy, I thought, Dean wrote a book of love poems!


“Love”, it’s so beautiful…

IMG_0038 Artist: Jarus

..Well, yes! However, perhaps not exactly as I had envisioned.

TMOL #20 Photo © Norman Orenstiein

Nonetheless, passion is very evident in these poems. It’s especially noted when I feel distance from the sexuality of love, but want to feel close to it.

TMOL #21 Photo © Norman Orenstiein

Dean doesn’t squander the “love ” word. Yet, I feel puppy dog love eyes.


Dean is the dark horse running with lighter, brighter angels. His view, as always, remains true to his perceptions.

Artists: Mandy Van Lueewen & Artists: Mandy van Leeuwen, Jennifer Johnson

Sometimes I understood I was reading  in a special language. “Evol Fo Seigolohtem”


I have a fave poem in this book. “Poem For Ann Marie” & I must mention my second fave “The Market Place”. I won’t tell you why because I really think you should just read them…

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