Self-Loathing – The High Price of Giving In to a Narcissist

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Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Narcissists are skillful manipulators.  They swaddle us in an encouraging (yet false) intimacy to get what they want.  When we don’t submit to their demands, we are met with threats, guilt-trips, and punishment.  In order to avoid such uncomfortable interactions, we give in to them so we can relax into a temporary illusion of comfort and safety.

Later, we feel annoyed and insulted because we’ve given up our own desires to make them happy.   As a result, we accumulate negative inner dialogue that’s always brewing just below the surface.

I never stand up for myself”, “I always give them what they want, but they never compromise”, “I always let them have their way”, “When am I ever going to grow a spine and say what I mean?”, “I’m such a loser.

You’ve Been Blackmailed

Narcissists use emotional blackmail to…

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One thought on “Self-Loathing – The High Price of Giving In to a Narcissist

  1. i recognize this is in myself & muse friend that is no more…we live such dramatic lives, like Shakespeare…on the stage and all that stuff…thanks

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