Weak or Strong ‘relationships’

Interesting thoughts-

Blessin In Disguise

I have pondered a lot to write something on this topic but never could I phrase my thoughts well into it. So here’s a piece which a friend of mine wrote when she was asked to write something on the topic. To the writer, keep writing! To the reader, hope you enjoy!  ….

Disclaimer: This may not make sense, but that doesn’t mean one should not write.

I often use the term ‘relationship’ to describe the ongoing situation with my boyfriend. But the question that boggles my mind is what a relationship actually is? Is it what a girl shares with her so called ‘boyfriend’ who doesn’t think about her all the while she is restless and checking her phone, to get a message from him? No personal biases, vice-versa holds true equally strong in the contemporary world. Or, is it the bond that a child shares with his/her…

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