WordPress: Plenty Of (Fish) Poets?

From the Eclectic Poet- wonderful blog

The Eclectic Poet

I find it hard to write opinion pieces.
There is a very deep-seated fear that someone reading will be offended, won’t agree with me, or won’t understand. Then there’s the worse alternative in this online world, they’ll leave a nasty comment or, horrors! Unfollow me.
This little bit of soapbox has been calling to be stood upon since earlier today when I read a piece by a writer whose work I admire. This person has a hard-hitting style, visceral and in-your-face. His work attracts a lot of attention and rightly so.
The particular work that struck a chord was regarding the nature of the people who like or comment on his poetry. The words stirred some old observations of writers, readers, genders and the internet. I’ve been writing on the internet for a few years now and for the most part enjoy it. Some of the pitfalls though are very…

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