A collection of fun wine images

These guys are great! 🙂

The Wine Wankers

After the success of our “Wine… It pairs perfectly with Christmas” post that was full of fun Christmas wine related images (in which you can have a look at by clicking here), I thought I’d share another lot of the fun wine related images that have come through our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

I wish I could credit the brilliant minds behind these but unless it’s on the image that important fact has been lost through time.

Enjoy!    😛


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One thought on “A collection of fun wine images

  1. Well Hello!
    I just LOVE that CAT PIC!! I happen to see your name on my little list on my blog, and wanted to say THANKS for stopping by. I’m enjoying reading your posts here. I’m a New Fan! Don’t be shy, com by both my blogs anytime, and I’ll do the same for your. Hugs!
    *Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon* 🙂

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