Book trailer: Spirit of Ireland An Odyssey Home by Wild Irish Poet

SPECIAL DEAL : TWO AUDIO BOOKS FOR ONLY 59.99 Dollars – Naked in New York PLUS The Spirit of Ireland DIRECT DOWNLOAD AUDIO VERSIONS for PC /MAC/IPOD/IPHONE . So you can have both books together. Limited offer for CHRISTMAS .. and if you want to purchase them for a friend then just email me your friends email address and make the purchase and I will send a download link to them.

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Full Audio Book Read by  Emmy winning writer Wild Irish Poet

‘ The Spirit of Ireland – An Odyssey Home’

Length : 7.5 hours approx.

Price: 49.99 Dollars + 10 Dollars Shipping by Registered Mail Guaranteed Delivery – Comes in a 9 Disk box set with beautiful booklet and package.

 ‘ Join Wild Irish Poet as he journeys back to his native land after leaving five years ago. His journey takes you back to his childhood. His painful and triumphant memories of growing up. He also reflects on an Ireland that he had never felt before. One of great beauty, agony, depth and myth. His words, his emotions, his deep poetic voice and expressions will take you to the very center of one of the most extraordinary and beautiful countries on earth.’

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