A Review from Craig Hickman ( Dark Ecologies Exploring the Edge Worlds Beyond the Ruins)- Poetry of Dean J. Baker

Cindy Baker:

The perfect Review

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“I keep walking, making calls which few recognize, eventually sure that one day when I have passed that way, suddenly a porch light will shine in the evening and another timelessness reign.”

– Dark Earth, Dean Baker

Been reading Dean Baker’s latest offering of poems of late, Dark Earth. Of course Dean is an author, composer, and performer who was born in Toronto, Canada, to a Ukrainian/Polish father and an Irish/Scottish mother. Attended the University of Guelph, and later won book awards from them, along with several unsolicited Ontario Arts Council awards, best poems published in a year in literary journals, and The T.S. Eliot Society of Miami’s Calendar Poet award. He has several other works out: Bad Boys, Silence Louder Than A Train, The Mythologies Of Love, and The Lost Neighborhood each of which can also be found on his amazon.com page.

What struck me intensely about Dean’s…

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Silence Louder Than A Train – Poetry Review

Cindy Baker:

Wonderful review of *Silence Louder Than a Train* Thank you for sharing this Paul Ruddock

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In trying to expand my reading genres I decided to read and review a book of modern poetry quite recently. My only previous reading experience of poetry beyond those of my school days has been that of the war poets, namely Rupert Brooke and Wilfred Owen, and more recently, that of friend and fellow blogger Tom Benson, whose works I’ve previously reviewed on here.

Among some of the blogs I follow is that of Dean J. Baker, and having read and often enjoyed a lot of his work (though not always fully appreciated, often having to read through previous comments for some of the meaning – my understanding and appreciation of poetry still being somewhat limited), I thought I’d jump in at the deep end read/review his book, ‘Silence Louder Than A Train’, for no other reasons than the title and liking the cover (possibly something to do with working in…

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Dean J. Baker’s Books On Kindle

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anyone  buying the print version from Amazon will be eligible within12-48 hrs to buy the Kindle version for just $2.99

©Dean J. Baker

Dean J. Baker is the award-winning author of The Herald, Baker’s Bad Boys, and the collections of poems and prose poems, Silence Louder Than A TrainThe Mythologies Of Love, and The Lost Neighborhood, all just published this month. I am currently at work on an expanded edition of Baker’s Bad Boys – for an example, go here: http://bakersbadboys.wordpress.com/2013/11/22/bakers-bad-boys-go-to-a-church-part-1/

I have just published three new books. To buy the books with my signature, go here http://deanjbaker.wordpress.com/my-books/

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Whatever country you are in, go to your Amazon, you’ll find my books on sale there.

©Dean J. Baker

Show your…

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And Then I Smiled Has Arrived!

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One of my wonderful followers on Simple Pleasures
Sharing Dean K Miller- book link :-)

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The first shipment has arrived!

"Nothing better than a good book and my favorite bone!"

“It’s here, finally. Now he can get back to what’s important: playing with me.”

"Yup, nothing better than a good book and my favorite bone."

“Yup, nothing better than a good book and my favorite bone.”

"Trying to sleep last night but the smell of freshly printed books kept me up."

“Trying to sleep last night but the smell of freshly printed books kept me up.”

Here is the link to purchase your copy:


or visit Amazon.com in a day or two. Ebook for all readers coming soon!

The journey has just begun, and I am smiling.

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hawk chronicles #22…

Cindy Baker:

Excellent Reading- Hawk Chronicles by Charles Martin

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hawk chronicles_2

i share
these skies
with many
the flesh
of the dead
the weak
feasting on
more than
each moment
of panic
in their eyes
ruling over
the poor
who stand
at the gates
of death

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Book trailer: Spirit of Ireland An Odyssey Home by Wild Irish Poet


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Baker’s Bad Boys book is available free

Cindy Baker:

Get your free copy of Baker’s Bad Boys book.. Download :-)

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baker2aBaker’s Bad Boys book is available free to read, borrow, and lend today, Sunday, July 27/14. I hope if you enjoy it you will purchase it.
Also, do feel free to share the link http://www.amazon.com/Bakers-Bad-Boys-Dean-Baker-ebook/dp/B00IV1NOYO/ref=la_B00IC6PGQM_1_4_title_1_kin?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1406153670&sr=1-4

and reblog this post so more people will be able to enjoy the book for free.

DarkEarthMy new book of poetry, and prose poems, Dark Earth,  142 pages, will be available in print for purchase in the week of  July 28 from Amazon, or immediately here:  https://www.createspace.com/4904836

The ebook is available here:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00M3GIAE2

Some of the poems in Dark Earth have appeared in literary  print journals such as DESCANT, Jewish Dialog, etc.

©Dean J. Baker

My current books are available here: http://www.amazon.com/Dean-J.-Baker/e/B00IC6PGQM

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artificial visitations

Cindy Baker:

j Matthew Waters

Originally posted on jdubqca:

sadness used to show up
unannounced and we’d sit up
until sunrise drinking
whatever was left in the house

I kept telling myself the next time
he appeared out of nowhere
I wouldn’t let him in
but of course that didn’t happen
and he continued to pretend
to be my friend

I told him I was thinking about buying
a brand new puppy
a black one I said
so I could learn how to keep him at bay
and teach him to protect me from
monsters like him

july two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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How to Live With a Cheating, Narcissistic Husband

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Upset Teenagers

This seems to be an area of concern on the LMR stats page, so I thought I’d share my insights.  This list is by no means exhaustive, but it should give one a basic idea of how to live with this sort of arrangement.

  1. Don’t speak unless spoken to.  Anything less will send the Narcissist into a rage.  Your place is simply to be there in the event the Narcissist needs to be catered to, have their sexual urges satisfied, or needs an adoring devotee to fawn over them.
  2. Resign yourself to the fact that holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions will always be ruined.  Be prepared for especially cruel name-calling and vulgarities.  You have no right to be happy unless he’s the reason for it.    If, and only if, he decides you should be happy, he might attempt to be “nice” after bringing you to a nuclear melt-down in front…

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