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my mischief…

Cindy Baker:

I so love this-

Originally posted on Read Between the Minds:

my mischief

the night
i die
i’m gonna sit
on the edge
of a star
with my legs
dangling down
into the night sky
and then
with my shoes off
i’m gonna dip
my toes
into the milky way
and send waves
of star-dust
into every lover’s heart
just for a start

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It’s Everything

You were waiting for a sign…

Originally posted on Live & Learn:

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And Then I Smiled Has Arrived!

Cindy Baker:

One of my wonderful followers on Simple Pleasures
Sharing Dean K Miller- book link :-)

Originally posted on Dean K Miller:

The first shipment has arrived!

"Nothing better than a good book and my favorite bone!"
“It’s here, finally. Now he can get back to what’s important: playing with me.”
"Yup, nothing better than a good book and my favorite bone."
“Yup, nothing better than a good book and my favorite bone.”
"Trying to sleep last night but the smell of freshly printed books kept me up."
“Trying to sleep last night but the smell of freshly printed books kept me up.”

Here is the link to purchase your copy:

or visit in a day or two. Ebook for all readers coming soon!

The journey has just begun, and I am smiling.

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The Mythologies Of Love by Dean J. Baker

YOU…..really want this book

hawk chronicles #22…

Cindy Baker:

Excellent Reading- Hawk Chronicles by Charles Martin

Originally posted on Read Between the Minds:

hawk chronicles_2

i share
these skies
with many
the flesh
of the dead
the weak
feasting on
more than
each moment
of panic
in their eyes
ruling over
the poor
who stand
at the gates
of death

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Vote for Don Woodruff here :-) by Don Woodruff

Book trailer: Spirit of Ireland An Odyssey Home by Wild Irish Poet

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The Gangs Of Power

Originally posted on Tormenting The Monkey:

... the beautiful Timmy Tourette...
our editor today… the beautiful Timmy Tourette…

Whatever Jesus, Buddha, Harry Krishna taught requires no belief. It just is. Like life after death – who could convince you of that. You’d be better off wondering how demented it is to push belief which needs a personal inner experience on anyone.

These days I usually think of religion as the ultimate Ponzi scheme, the sick twist to what can be found and discovered by anyone to gather impetus and delight in living. I don’t call sharing it with others religion.
But the Ponzis – you tell someone, and they tell someone, and they tell someone who kills them because they’re Islamic. Oops. Whomever said words are cheap was making a cheap quote at the expense of sense. Have some people chanting You’re an asshole, and then see if they feel words are cheap.
The Ponzis are braggarts. Proud.
The neglected…

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am i missing something…

Originally posted on Read Between the Minds:

am i missing something

first gulf of sidra
invasion of
invasion of
persian gulf
restore hope
uphold democracy
war in
military intervention
in libya
american intervention
in iraq
so why
the us government
pissed with
51 years
of nonpeaceful coexistence
the rest of the world

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Are You Listening?

Originally posted on MsTranquility:

Anybody can listen to you

But it’s the one

In whose heart you’ve entered

That will actually hear you

~ S

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artificial visitations

Cindy Baker:

j Matthew Waters

Originally posted on jdubqca:

sadness used to show up
unannounced and we’d sit up
until sunrise drinking
whatever was left in the house

I kept telling myself the next time
he appeared out of nowhere
I wouldn’t let him in
but of course that didn’t happen
and he continued to pretend
to be my friend

I told him I was thinking about buying
a brand new puppy
a black one I said
so I could learn how to keep him at bay
and teach him to protect me from
monsters like him

july two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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