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Great Poetry- Books on Sale

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National Poetry Month – anybody can follow & click ‘likes’ – love poetry?.. then buy one of the books, for yourself or as a gift.

The poems and prosepoems are exclusiveto the books and will not appear on WordPress. They are available in print and ebooks.

On Amazon buy the print book and get the ebook for only $2.99.

Those who have bought the books have nothing but praise for the work, for which I’m grateful.

They are available from Amazon here

and from Smashwords here –


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Dean J. Baker’s Books On Kindle

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anyone  buying the print version from Amazon will be eligible within12-48 hrs to buy the Kindle version for just $2.99

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Dean J. Baker is the award-winning author of The Herald, Baker’s Bad Boys, and the collections of poems and prose poems, Silence Louder Than A TrainThe Mythologies Of Love, and The Lost Neighborhood, all just published this month. I am currently at work on an expanded edition of Baker’s Bad Boys – for an example, go here:

I have just published three new books. To buy the books with my signature, go here

Amazon sites in Britain, Germany, France, and Japan to buy my books





Whatever country you are in, go to your Amazon, you’ll find my books on sale there.

©Dean J. Baker

Show your…

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And Then I Smiled Has Arrived!

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One of my wonderful followers on Simple Pleasures
Sharing Dean K Miller- book link :-)

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The first shipment has arrived!
"Nothing better than a good book and my favorite bone!"

“It’s here, finally. Now he can get back to what’s important: playing with me.”

"Yup, nothing better than a good book and my favorite bone."

“Yup, nothing better than a good book and my favorite bone.”

"Trying to sleep last night but the smell of freshly printed books kept me up."

“Trying to sleep last night but the smell of freshly printed books kept me up.”

Here is the link to purchase your copy:

or visit in a day or two. Ebook for all readers coming soon!

The journey has just begun, and I am smiling.

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hawk chronicles #22…

Cindy Baker:

Excellent Reading- Hawk Chronicles by Charles Martin

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hawk chronicles_2

i share
these skies
with many
the flesh
of the dead
the weak
feasting on
more than
each moment
of panic
in their eyes
ruling over
the poor
who stand
at the gates
of death

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Book trailer: Spirit of Ireland An Odyssey Home by Wild Irish Poet

SPECIAL DEAL : TWO AUDIO BOOKS FOR ONLY 59.99 Dollars – Naked in New York PLUS The Spirit of Ireland DIRECT DOWNLOAD AUDIO VERSIONS for PC /MAC/IPOD/IPHONE . So you can have both books together. Limited offer for CHRISTMAS .. and if you want to purchase them for a friend then just email me your friends email address and make the purchase and I will send a download link to them.

Buy Now



Full Audio Book Read by  Emmy winning writer Wild Irish Poet

‘ The Spirit of Ireland – An Odyssey Home’

Length : 7.5 hours approx.

Price: 49.99 Dollars + 10 Dollars Shipping by Registered Mail Guaranteed Delivery – Comes in a 9 Disk box set with beautiful booklet and package.

 ‘ Join Wild Irish Poet as he journeys back to his native land after leaving five years ago. His journey takes you back to his childhood. His painful and triumphant memories of growing up. He also reflects on an Ireland that he had never felt before. One of great beauty, agony, depth and myth. His words, his emotions, his deep poetic voice and expressions will take you to the very center of one of the most extraordinary and beautiful countries on earth.’


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In a room full of academics

Lost souls and cyanide

Is all there ever is

In that room of preponderance

At least the librarian

Was worth talking with

Enticingly shy

Comely lass

Pity she looks down

Rather than wear scarlet

But then who am I to pass judgement?

Certainly no back-peddling genius

Give me the company

Of harlots and gambling men

Then I shall paint you

A masterpiece

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My friend Sheila needs your help!

Cindy Baker:

Sharing John Eccles- Sheila needs you-

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My wife and I have known Sheila for over twenty five years and during that time we have shared all sorts of experiences that have made us both laugh and cry together in equal measure. Now Sheila is one of life’s troopers. She never complains and is always there to help anyone who needs it, and very rarely asks for anything in return, other than a thank you.

The last six months have been a challenge for this lady. In November last year she was diagnosed with Leukaemia, bad news by any measure, and since then she has been through various courses of Chemotherapy and spent endless weeks in Hospital.

Not once has she complained with her lot. When we visit she is alway very positive and talks about getting better rather than how ill she must feel. So this weekend we went to see her at home, to catch up…

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Those brumal vaults of heaven

The skulduggery

A dispiriting brutal season

Needs no crier

There is nothing precious

In these northern climes

Predictably ashen and raw

The sun shall not cross

The plane of the equator

Just yet


Rain habitually decanting itself

Cruel volleys

Descending arrows

The field of Agincourt 

The sky above

Fancies a change of clothing

Something more flamboyant

If only for a fleeting moment


Daylight is dwindling

The restless grey sea grumbles

Doing battle

With the pull of the moon

The concrete pier

The hardiest of fishermen use it

A charcoal drawing 

This day


Yet something is there

Sense it before seeing it

Despite streaming eyes

Tearful manifestations

Of cold cruelty

On the horizon


Across the water

A glimpse of bare ankle

To the puritanical Victorian

The outline of Calais

Framed in citrus lemon 

An inverted yoke

Chalk white centre


An erotic…

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When Encountering Difficult People

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Great reading-

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Not everyone you meet in your life will be easy going, light hearted, friendly, and warm. Some will be difficult, unpleasant,  extremely rude, outright miserable and hard to handle.

For many people, even the usual friendly, kind people, the natural reaction is to respond with the same coldness and angry temperament that the difficult person dishes out.

This doesn’t mean they are bad or unkind people for responding or wanting to respond that way, it’s just that other people’s moods and attitudes often impact or influence our own.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way. We can choose to rise above the negativity of others.

I work at a store and most of my customers are extremely kind and friendly and so grateful for my service and very expressing of that gratitude.  

And even the few people who aren’t the friendliest are not usually blatantly rude or…

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10 Lies We Mistake for Love – Part II

Cindy Baker:

Kim Saeed -Let Me Reach

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This post is the second in a two-part series.  To see the first one, click here .

Lies We Mistake for Love – continued…

6.  You believe you have to earn love

Love should not depend on what you can do for another person.  However, if you’ve been in a relationship with an emotional predator, you already know they believe the opposite.

If your relationships have consisted of your doing everything you could for your partner at the expense of your own happiness, it’s highly likely that you are codependent.  This isn’t a condition we are born with.  We usually learn codependent behaviors as children and carry them with us into our adult lives where they manifest in the form of one-sided, draining relationships.  Codependents are natural magnets for Narcissists and other emotional predators.

True love consists of two people who are respectful and considerate of one another.  Anything that’s…

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The Most Wonderful Poet- Share Please (A bit of Shameless Promotion)

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Lets Please Share Dean J. Baker’s Wonderful Work-

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